About us

We are expanding our range of services and offer you to get free consultation from our specialists.

During the process of communication, you can quickly get all the necessary information on construction and investment, technical documentation, graphic materials, relevant to the controversial issue, because our experience allows us to quickly and correctly answer a wide range of different questions.

The UBC company began its activities in the distant 2001. We started with the supply of European building materials, but gradually we came to the construction of objects of varying complexity. We believe that the moment that we started not as a developer, but as a supplier is a great advantage, because we know the materials used in construction best of all. Therefore, the constructions we have introduced are strong, and the repair work has been carried out qualitatively.

A distinctive feature of our company has always been the craving for the development of new technologies and the acquisition of knowledge. We studied the technology of manufacture of ceramic products in the factories of Spain. In Germany, they learned how to make ceramic tiles and at the same time made contacts with suppliers of German products to the Ukrainian market. The technology of production of modern plumbing, we studied in Switzerland. And then again went to Germany. At this time, to study energy-saving technologies in a place where these technologies are developing faster than in the rest of the world. Now we continue to explore new technologies in order to be able to provide quality construction services to our customers, whether it be turnkey construction of houses, documentation development or implementation of internal repair work.

Why customers choose us

Qualified specialists

All employees are certified specialists and have many years of experience

Availability of licensing documentation

certificates, qualification certificates, permits

Availability of material and technical base

own machines, mechanisms, formwork and special equipment, etc.

Reputation in the construction market of Ukraine

positive feedback from customers and partners

The UBC company is a general contracting organization that performs a full range of construction works:

  • We develop documentation. We plan the stages and terms of construction, calculate the cost, obtain permits. Thanks to these services, the customer can avoid bureaucratic obstacles in the way of construction, plan its stages in detail and avoid miscalculation with the cost of construction.
  • We carry out capital construction. In order for the facility to be put into operation within the stipulated time, 200 qualified workers work at the facility, and another 100 are in reserve so that if we receive a large-scale project we have workers on its implementation. Rarely, construction companies in Kiev have such an impressive technical base as ours. In addition to a large number of working equipment and equipment, we have a Liebherr-112 tower crane, installation for the installation of piles, formwork for monolithic structures. For the needs of the company works reinforcement and welding shop.
  • We specialize in monolithic-frame construction .. But in the case of other customer wishes, we will arrange any foundation and floors.
  • We carry out internal work, prepare and implement design projects. These services are provided by a separate department of the company, in which talented designers work.

UBC acts not only as a developer, we successfully reconstruct and restore houses. The first such works were carried out in 2008. And over time, the list of our reconstructions only increased. One of the renovations that we remember was the project of Gostiny Dvor on Podol. To get it, construction companies in Kiev took part in the competition. We won the competition and beat 30 competitors. The reconstruction of the British Ophthalmological Centre in Kiev also became a memorable event, because for this work in 2015 we received an award at the Bautech conference in Germany. Now the company UBC has completed work on another special restoration. It took place in the city of Berlin, and this was our first restoration abroad.


And although among our works there were special ones, we remember all our turnkey construction of houses, reconstruction and restoration. We are grateful to our customers for contacting our company and entrusting us with their projects. There are still many special works ahead of us, we hope that we can work together with you and bring your project to life.


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