Finished apartments and houses

Finished apartments and houses


A person needs a place where you can take a break from the outside world, relax and gain strength. The UBC company will help you to build such a place for yourself personally or to organize the construction of an apartment complex. We completed the first apartment building back in 2015, we also have experience in the construction of cottage villages, then you can safely entrust us with the construction of a private house or a whole complex.

UBC company provides a full range of construction services, so you can appoint us as a general contractor and order the construction of turnkey houses. You can also order individual services related to the construction of a house from the foundation to the roof.

The list of services that you can order in the UBC:

  • Development of documentation. We will prepare and provide all the necessary documentation: permitting, design (Baseline data for design, engineering surveys, master plan and architectural part, structural part and engineering networks, design and layout of space, estimated documentation).
  • Capital construction. The company employs 200 skilled workers, and another 100 in reserve. We are working hands and modern technical base, therefore we are able to complete a project of any complexity.
  • Monolithic frame construction of a house. We specialize in monolithic reinforced concrete, but we make any type of foundation, frame and floor.
  • Interior finish. A separate department of the company is responsible for the interior decoration, which, thanks to our specialists, will be ergonomic and elegant.

What are the stages of the construction of turnkey houses?

  1. First you need to purchase land and collect the necessary documentation.
  2. Next, prepare a draft and budget documentation. At this stage, construction companies often try to avoid drawing up a detailed estimate. After all, if it is compiled, it will be difficult to hide the “extra” expenses and unprofessionalism. Specialists of the UBC company make the estimate in which the sequence of works and the name of the necessary materials is described in detail. In this case, it will not be possible to replace expensive material with cheap one.
  3. Preparatory works.
  4. Make the foundation, walls, and then the roof.
  5. Doors and windows are installed.
  6. Installation of systems is underway.
  7. The house is insulated.
  8. Produced facade.
  9. The house is decorated.
  10. Accomplishment.
  11. The construction of a house from the foundation to the roof ends by putting it into operation and obtaining legal documents.

Prices for construction a house depend on many factors: the relief and transport accessibility of the site, soil properties, the severity of the project development (individual or typical), the size of the house itself, the price of the materials used, the costs of engineering communications will be implemented energy-saving technologies. Even the approximate cost immediately call important. If it is important for you to know in advance even the approximate prices for the construction of a house, you can get advice from our specialists by calling the phones on the website or leaving an online application.

The choice of general contractor for the construction of a private house or an apartment complex is an important step. More is a difficult matter the first construction company, which called the smallest amount for services. In the Ukrainian construction market there are a lot of scammers or just those who perform their work poorly. Carefully choose those you can trust your project.

UBC can be trusted to build a house because:

  1. We have been in the construction market since 2001 and have a lot of experience.
  2. We have all the necessary licenses.
  3. We make a transparent contract.
  4. Carefully and competently prepare all the necessary documents.
  5. We carry out a full cycle of construction work, and you do not need to look for other subcontractors.
  6. We have completed 127 projects with success and without failing to meet deadlines, so your house will be built without problems and complaints.
  7. You can come to our other facilities and evaluate the quality of work and the perfect organization of labour at the facility.
  8. There are recommendations and positive reviews of other clients that relate to the construction of a house from the foundation to the roof and other types of construction projects that we carried out.
  9. We have a quality control and technical supervision service.
  10. We give guarantees for construction services.

Call by phones on the site or leave a message online if you have questions or you want to discuss the details of your project. We are always glad to help you.