Restoration and reconstruction

Restoration and reconstruction


The UBC company provides high-quality services for the restoration and reconstruction of buildings. We have extensive experience in construction work in this area. In 2013, the company won the tender for the reconstruction of Gostiny Dvor on Kontraktova Square and successfully completed the project. Our skills were also evaluated at a competition in Berlin, where we won the prize for the best reconstruction of a historical monument, which we were awarded for the reconstruction of the facade of the British Ophthalmological Center. Now we have enough knowledge and experience to carry out a project of any complexity, whether it be a reconstruction of a residential building or a reconstruction of non-residential premises.

Reconstruction of the building and its restoration: what is the difference?

Reconstruction of buildings and structures includes restructuring placed in service, their improvement, improvement of working conditions and accommodation, improved technical and economic level, the change in indicators such as size, functionality, and the like. During the reconstruction, elements of bearing and enclosing structures are preserved. While there is a reconstruction of buildings and structures, they are not being exploited. With the autonomy of parts of the object, you can stop the operation of these parts, and not the object as a whole.

Restoration is work to strengthen the physical condition and improve the appearance of the object, which are scientifically based and reveal the characteristic features of the structure, restore damaged and lost items of objects of museum value. Also during restoration it is important to ensure the authenticity of the elements. Therefore, restoration, as you see, is hard work, requiring knowledge and skills.

Suppose you need a private house renovation or non-residential premises. What documents do you need to get from the construction company to be sure that the reconstruction of the building will take place as it should:

  1. Work agreement. Think three times before hiring a general contractor. He must have all the necessary licenses, positive customer reviews, work experience of at least 3 years, his staff must be sufficiently qualified workers, and the equipment must comply with modern conditions.
  2. Facility plan before and after reconstruction.
  3. The calendar plan for the restoration work with realistic deadlines. Failure of deadlines should include penalties. Therefore, if the reconstruction of a private residential house or non-residential premises, will not go according to plan, you will receive compensation.
  4. List of resources. The resource information should indicate not only the name of the materials but also their brands, types or varieties. If this information is not specified, then the construction company has the right to replace construction materials with cheaper ones, but with the same name as indicated in the resource information.
  5. The design project, which is included in the plan for the reconstruction of a residential house or non-residential premises.
  6. Location of utilities (heating, gas supply, ventilation, water supply, electric lighting, sewage, electrical equipment, lightning protection, fire and burglar alarm systems, communications, television, dispatching).
  7. Reconstruction of buildings and structures is impossible without a detailed estimate. It can be approximate, which can be modified during construction, and solid.

Read all the documentation in detail, make corrections if necessary. After the approval of the project documentation, the construction company proceeds to the restoration of the object according to the plan.

The company UBC – is the builder, time-tested. We draw up transparent contracts for our clients, we have all the licenses and fulfil our obligations in good faith and honestly. If you want to discuss the restoration or reconstruction of the object, or you have other questions regarding our services, please call the numbers on the site or leave a message so that we can contact you.