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Chubirko Vasil

founder, 38 years old, work experience 18 years. An expert in construction and building materials, has established cooperation with world leaders and manufacturers of materials for construction, facades, roofs, hydro and thermal insulation. Participated

Druk Mikhail

architect, 35 years, work experience 14 years. Manages the Architectural group, an expert on design, conducts architectural supervision and performs the most complex tasks. Under his leadership, the most ambitious projects of restoration, construction

Bezejko Vadim

project manager, 36 years old, work experience 15 years. Successfully completed more than 50 interior decoration and interior restoration projects. He received a higher engineering education and a second degree in project management. Expert

Ryomov Andrey

Chief Engineer
technologist, 36 years, experience 16 years. Expert in the analysis, development and implementation of design documentation. Manages the development of structural elements, internal networks and finishing of building objects. Develops technologies, work plans and

Prokopenko Victoria

estimator, economist, 37 years old, work experience 12 years. Expert in calculating the cost of construction. He has good information about the markets of building materials and works, develops detailed estimates and statements, manages

Ponomarenko Alexander

Safety Engineer
power engineer, 59 years old, work experience 40 years. Always has control over the safety and health of workers, one of the most important tasks during construction. Thanks to his instructions, hundreds of workers

Boichuk Vladimir

31 years old, work experience 11 years. Specialist in accounting and supply of materials, equipment and mechanisms. Successfully implements design solutions and provides for construction needs. Masterfully performs various tasks as soon as possible.

Gavruk Sergey

foreman, 25 years, experience 5 years. He received a higher engineering education and from the first days of work he showed himself to be a well-disciplined and responsible specialist. Masterfully supervises the execution of

Andrey Filipovich

Civil engineer
Project manager, 40, work experience 18 years. An expert in construction management on facilities, successfully completed more than 70  construction projects. Well know monolithic structures and civil works, under his leadership more than 70

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