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Commercial and business real estate

Commercial and business real estate

Commercial construction is the erection of buildings intended for doing business. These include offices, supermarkets, shopping malls, restaurants. All these objects can be located in one building or separately. Regardless of your idea, UBC will be able to implement any plan and help the project become a reality.

What services can we offer you:

  • Free specialist consultations. If you do not know where to start commercial, industrial and civil construction or have some questions that should be clarified, contact UBC. You can get advice from the director, chief engineer, chief architect or designer.
  • Documentation development. We propose to start commercial, industrial construction with the development of project documentation. For customers, we will calculate the cost of the project, plan construction stages, prepare permit documentation.
  • Capital construction . We do not work with intermediaries, most builders have been working for our company for several years, so all construction staff are experienced, trained and work well together. The capital construction we organize is based on modern machinery and equipment. We share the work to make the work in each part of the project as efficient as possible.
  • Monolithic frame construction. We specialize in monolithic reinforced concrete and are able to create any type of foundation, frameworks and floors. We are subject to any construction and architecture .
  • – Interior and interior. A separate department of UBC specializes in interior repairs. We make them efficiently, quickly. The interiors look modern and tasteful, in keeping with the purpose of the building.

You can hire UBC as the general contractor for your commercial construction, then we will take on all the tasks from designing and collecting documentation to putting the facility into operation. We can be trusted with a general contract, because we perform a full cycle of construction work. We employ all construction specialists from monoliths and masons to electricians and furniture makers. We also have a sufficient technical base, which includes such equipment as a Liebherr-112 tower crane and a pile installation. We have our own armature and welding shop.

Contact us and we will organize commercial, industrial and civil construction . We will help to build, reconstruct or overhaul any commercial building, be it a restaurant, office, supermarket or business center.

If you intend to build a business center, it should be considered from 3 positions: location, technical level of the building and the level of the management company (whether it is known, there is security, video surveillance, cleaning).

According to location, business centers are divided into categories:

  • А. Located in the historic part of the city, where there is an elite construction and architecture , a prestigious area with a developed infrastructure. Such a business center should have a convenient entrance and a beautiful view from its windows. If you intend to build a category A business center in Kyiv, you should pay attention to such areas as Shevchenkivskyi and Pecherskyi.
  • В. Located in areas adjacent to the historic center or in the historic center, but in places that do not fall into category A. Construction and operation of buildings and structures should be convenient, so there should be major highways nearby. Business centers of this class in Kyiv can be built in Holosiivskyi district, in Podil.
  • С. Remote from the center, but within easy reach.

According to the technical level, business centers are divided into categories:

  • А. The building stands alone. It has been overhauled or recently completed construction. Operation of buildings and structures is not possible without modern decoration, efficient planning, equipment with all necessary systems (heating, air conditioning, telecommunications, fire safety) . This category of business centers must be equipped with a cafe / dining room, conference room, restaurant, parking.
  • В. Located in a special building. This building should stand alone, be equipped with a cafe / dining room, conference room, parking. To open a business center, you need to make selective repairs and check the condition of all internal systems that should work properly.
  • C . Such business centers are usually located in office buildings, look and decorate simply, but it is important that the offices have a functioning ventilation system.

If you still have questions about commercial construction, industrial and civil construction , please leave an online message on the website or give us a call. We will be sure to provide comprehensive answers to your questions as soon as possible.