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Pitched and flat roofs

Pitched and flat roofs

The UBC group of companies includes the Center for Reliable Roof brand, so we know each other better on roof construction than anyone else. We not only build but also renovate and restore roofs. We reconstructed many historic buildings in Kyiv and even reconstructed them on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra.

We offer our customers to make copper roofs and hydro roofs. Copper roof is an elite roof. It stands out among modern roofs, looks noble and has its own classic style. Advantages of a copper roof:

  1. Long service life. It will reliably protect the house for 100 or even 200 years.
  2. Can be of different shapes. Copper is soft and can be cut into any shape you want, so the copper coating can be original and unique. Suitable for roofs that have a complex shape.
  3. Not corrosive. The roof is moisture resistant, it is not afraid of corrosion.
  4. Easy.
  5. Easy to repair. You don’t need to dismantle a copper roof to repair it.

During the oxidative reaction with oxygen, the copper roof does not deteriorate, but changes color. The following types of copper are used in roofing:

  • Classic. It has a bright shine and a beautiful reddish-golden hue.
  • Oxidized. Copper with brown oxide film. Under natural conditions, this color is formed after about 10 years of using classic copper.
  • Patinated. It has a greenish tinge. Under natural conditions, this color will appear after 20 years of using a classic copper roof.

Copper can be used to create a variety of roofs:

A) Tiled roofs. The coating consists of individual particles stacked on top of each other to form a whimsical pattern:

– Checkers. The roof is created from square shards arranged diagonally. The shards have locks that provide waterproofing.

– Scales. The shards are oblong in shape with one rounded end. The shards are arranged so that at the end you get the effect of “fish scales”.

B) Rebate roofs. It is made of roof paintings, which are connected by a rebate lock. Types:

– With a single lock.

– With double lock.

The copper roof reliably protects from moisture penetration, but also it can demand additional waterproofing, for example, from condensate or in places of adjoining to walls, removal of pipes. And if you choose another, cheaper, roofing material, then you definitely need waterproofing.

You need to choose waterproofing, focusing on the type of your roof: flat or pitched.

Types of waterproofing for flat roofs:

  1. Surfacing. It overlaps and then melts with the help of burners. Modern roll coatings are made on the basis of durable synthetic nonwovens, only modified bitumen or artificial rubber is used as a protective layer. The top layer is protected from mechanical damage by stone crumbs of different fractions.
  2. Spraying. With the help of special equipment sprayed on the roof. After solidification, it forms a continuous waterproof membrane, resistant to mechanical influences. Not afraid of harsh ultraviolet radiation, retains elasticity at subzero temperatures.
  3. Coating. It is applied not only on flat, but also on pitched roofs. Can be bituminous-polymeric or bituminous, used in cold or heated form. Resistant to the negative effects of the environment, creates a stable coating. Due to its elasticity, it compensates for the linear expansion of flat roofs, and can be used for waterproofing various joints.

Types of waterproofing for pitched roofs:

  1. Rolled. It is used extremely seldom and generally for arrangement of roofs on economic extensions or industrial buildings. The only advantage is the low cost.
  2. Membrane. The most modern, high-quality, reliable and durable. Membrane material can be ordinary or complex, to allow steam, but to retain water. It can have several layers, which eliminates the appearance of condensation.
  3. Perforated. In addition to excellent waterproofing, extinguishes noise, which is important when used as a roofing material metal or profiled sheets. Holds water but lets in steam.
  4. Film. Polyethylene films are cheap and reliable materials for waterproofing, but they are impermeable to air and react negatively to UV rays.

Do you still have questions? Call the numbers on the website or leave an online message, and our specialists will help you choose the perfect coating and waterproofing for your roof.