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Interior works and interiors

Interior works and interiors

A construction company that does well with both foundation walls and interior work is an exception. UBC is just such an exception in the Ukrainian construction market. And all thanks to the creation of a separate department, which is responsible for repairs in the room and interiors.

Interior design is not only an aesthetically pleasing look of the room. Its main purpose – to ensure the comfort of people in the room. The design should ensure ergonomic interaction of people with the environment. Interior design combines artistic and industrial designs. Therefore, the task of the designer who creates it is to optimize the work in the room, improve navigation in the building and individual rooms, create a design for special rooms (water parks, film editing studios, sound recording, photo studios). The responsibilities of the designer include not only the planning of the room, but also its individual systems (ventilation, lighting, speaker system).

Where does interior design begin?

Like any construction phase, design begins with project development. And the project itself begins with the terms of reference, which are approved by the customer. In the technical task the customer describes the requirements and wishes. Next, the specialists of the department develop a set of documents that describe the functional and design solutions. The documents contain a drawing of the room, a description of the details of the future interior, a list of finishing materials that will be used, a description of the location of communications.

To prepare these documents, the designers go to the site and measure the room. On the basis of the collected information and according to the technical task the sample of planning decisions and the sketch is prepared. Exemplary planning includes the development of several design options with different distribution of the main functional areas and furniture options. The design of the house and individual rooms involves a stage of 3D modeling. But 3D modeling is started by designers if the design is agreed with the customer. It is not possible to develop several 3D modeling samples, as this process takes a long time.

Once the functional areas are approved, the design phase of the placement of electrical wires begins, it is planned where to place electrical appliances. If necessary, changes are made to the drawing. At the exit we get several plans that are included in the design project: the plan of ceilings, floor covering, placement of electrical appliances, plumbing equipment. The customer also receives information about the materials to be used, furniture, various decor.

After the project is approved, repair work begins. A qualified team will come to your facility to make the plan a reality. The advantage of UBC is that designers and builders work closely together. Thanks to this, the design will turn out exactly as intended. Quite often, repair crews can not fully understand the designer’s plan or do not have enough skills to implement it, and in reality the interior is not as it should be. But this is not our case. We will create a perfect interior of a house, a commercial building, an administrative building.

What are the prices for repair work?

As well as prices for construction works, they differ from project to project, so it is not possible to name even the cost of design until the project is developed. If it is important for you to find out at least approximate prices for construction work and prices for repair work, you can call our staff by phone on the website or leave an online message with your question. You can also consult with the chief designer on such issues as types of design, where to start the design process, space planning, what materials are best to make repairs, what are the design deadlines, prices for repairs, what are the prices for repairs. Contact us and we will be sure to answer all your questions and help you make any wishes about construction, repair and design a reality.