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If you want to build a house, office or shopping center, renovate an existing building or redevelop it, you must take into account that in the process of work will have to face many obstacles. The construction process is complicated by the huge number of documents that need to be collected. In addition, it is technologically difficult and time consuming. So, instead of collecting documents yourself, going through examinations, supervising the work, monitoring payments and worrying about the delivery of the object, it is better to entrust this painstaking work to the general contractor and get turnkey construction.

Our services

UBC provides quality general contracting services. We have enough experience, knowledge and manpower.

What are the stages and tasks of the work of the general contractor?

  1. It generates a planning document for the construction of the facility. Project documentation for construction of facilities is being created.
  2. Work begins according to the planning document and the contract.
  3. The general contractor enforces all health and safety regulations.
  4. Monitors compliance with building codes and current legislation.
  5. The general contractor engages subcontractors. He is responsible for overseeing their work and fulfilling all their responsibilities.
  6. The general contractor supplies all the necessary materials and equipment for the construction.
  7. He is obliged to hand over the object within the terms stipulated in the contract.

Sometimes the customer is hesitant, thinking whether it is better to announce a tender for construction and outsource the work to various subcontractors. Maybe it will be cheaper? The desire to save naturally, but you need to think about the disadvantages, and there are many. Individual subcontractors are not responsible for the facility as a whole. The general contractor is responsible for organizing the work on the whole site. He has sufficient experience not only in choosing qualified subcontractors, but also in the design of a ready-to-deliver house. This frees the customer from bureaucratic obstacles.

We provide not only comprehensive general contracting services, we can fulfill orders for a particular type of work. We have repeatedly won the tender for construction, because we offer quality services at reasonable prices.

We work together


What services can you order from UBC:

  • Development of permit documentation, consulting. For customers, we calculate the cost of the project, plan the stages of construction, prepare all the necessary documentation. Project documentation for construction will be prepared quickly and knowingly.
  • Capital construction. We have the necessary skilled workforce and an impressive technical base. The whole company works as harmoniously as possible, as a single organism.
  • Monolithic frame construction. We are able to arrange any type of foundation, make any frame of the building and floor. We specialize in monolithic reinforced concrete and are able to perform tasks of any difficulty.
  • Interior decoration. The company has a separate department that specializes in interior decoration and interior repairs. Therefore, we can say without hesitation that we are able to perfectly perform both construction and interior work.

Free specialist consultations. Send a private message on the site or call us for advice from the company’s director, chief engineer, chief architect or designer.

Why should you entrust the construction of UBC?

  1. We do a full cycle of construction work, you get turnkey construction .
  2. Our company has existed since 2001, so we are quite qualified and have a lot of experience. Our projects and construction are works to be proud of.
  3. We have all the necessary licenses.
  4. We enter into a transparent agreement.
  5. We prepare all the necessary documents: a detailed estimate for construction work, a detailed estimate for construction materials, work schedule, acts of delivery and acceptance of works, schedule of stages of construction financing; defective information, terms of reference, etc.
  6. Our staff has more than 200 qualified professionals who have impressive skills in performing construction and finishing work. They have completed projects and construction on more than a hundred sites.
  7. You can come to our other sites and appreciate the quality of work and impeccable organization of work on site.
  8. We have enough recommendations from other clients. You can only hear positive feedback from our customers.
  9. We have a technical inspection service and a quality control service.
  10. We guarantee our work.

We are ready to answer any of your questions, provide advice, show licenses and documents, travel with you to our facilities and show the work of the company from the inside. Leave an application on our website or call us to consult or make an appointment.


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street Antonovica 72, 03150